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Regarding the information on this website, although taking the utmost care, Takihyo will not give any guarantees pertaining to accuracy, integrity, safety (including absence of computer viruses or other harmful agents). Our company shall not be responsible for any damages both direct and indirect sustained from the use of this website.

Indemnification regarding information on business performance

The information on this website includes Takihyo's forecast of the future judged by Takihyo's management and based on information currently available. They may include inaccurate elements influenced by economic trends, fierce competition within the industry, market demands, currency exchange rates, tax system and institutions. Therefore, in the future, the business performance actually disclosed may change due to these factors. In addition, we are not obligated to amend and disclose the forecast on this website due to new information or future events.
The information on this website is not to solicit investors. We ask you yourselves to make decisions of investment.

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The websites of third parties that have been linked to this website or set up through another company other than ours, is not under our management. Takihyo will not make any guarantees nor be responsible regarding the contents of these websites. Please note the conditions of use for such websites.

Set up guideline

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By text link

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