Innovation Exceeding 266 Years

Innovation Exceeding 273 Years

From its establishment in 1751, Takihyo has always put "the Customer before thyself" and has responded and contributed to ever changing society. Under its operational policy of "undertaking new challenges at all times", we will continue to offer dreams and inspiration to our customers through fashion.

1751 The original Hyoemon establishes "Kinuya", a Kyoto kimono business in Kochino (present day Konan City in Aichi Prefecture).
1825 Second generation Hyoemon opens a branch in Nagoya, thereby expanding the business.
1837 Permitted to use the "Taki" surname as one of the top 10 members of the Owari domain.
1850 Third generation Hyoemon aims to move the headquarters to Nagoya.
1864 Fourth generation Hyoemon succeeds “Kinuya”.
Sadasuke Kinuya branches out to establish Takisada (present day Takisada Nagoya, Takisada Osaka).
1875 Moves the headquarters to Nagoya.
1882 Nagoya Bank (later known as Tokai Bank) is founded; Fourth generation Hyoemon serves as first chairman.
1888 Corporate name is changed to "Taki Hyoemon Store".
1893 Tokai warehouse (present day Toyo Warehouse) is established.
1905 Fifth generation Nobushiro Taki succeeds the family.
1912 "Taki Hyoemon Store Co., Ltd." is established, becoming an incorporated institution from a private operation.
Opens "Tokiwakan", a hotel in Gamagori.
1926 Starting with the establishment of Taki Occupational School, is involved with various social contributions for regional development.
1931 Headquarter burns down in a massive fire.
1932 Donates "Takeshima Bridge", a concrete bridge connecting Gamagori Coast to Takeshima.
1934 Opens "Gamagori Hotel" as Japan’s first international resort hotel.
1936 Completes a modern building of 6 floors and a basement to house the main office.
1938 Sixth generation Hyoemon Taki is inducted as president.
1943 Corporate name is changed to "Takihyo Co., Ltd."(in kanji).
1945 Main building is requisitioned by the GHQ.
1953 With its hit product of a Japanese dress coat, "Kinyo Coat", Taihyo’s trademark "Kinyo Mark" becomes nationally known.
1955 Main building is derequisitioned by the GHQ.
1956 A sewing factory "Takihyo Clothing Industry Co., Ltd." is established.
1962 Seventh generation Tomio Taki.
Makes the change from Japanese dress to Western dress and expands business.
1967 Corporate name is changed to "Takihyo Co., Ltd."(in katakana).
1968 A distribution center "Chubu Distribution Center Co., Ltd." is established in Komaki, separating commerce and distribution.
1969 Installs general-purpose computers, takes a stake in establishing UNY.
1973 Takes a stake in Anne Klein in the US, begins sales in Japan in 1975.
Completes a high-rise building of 25 floors.
1974 Establishes a sewing factory "Takihyo Hokuriku Center Co., Ltd." (present day T.F.C. Co., Ltd. Hokuriku Factory).
1977 Business productivity deteriorates and losses are declared due to the economic turmoil caused by the oil shock.
1978 Eighth generation Zesuke Ito.
Starts to reconstruct business by liquidating money-losing divisions and consolidated subsidiaries.
1980 Sells the high-rise building to Tokyo Marine and Fire Insurance Company and decreases debt.
1982 Liquidates loss carried forward and completes business reconstruction 4 years earlier than planned.
Separates the material section from the non-textile division and establishes "Takihyo Chemica Co., Ltd." (present day the Material Group).
1984 Acquires right to develop products of the Los Angeles Olympics mascot character.
1985 Signs a license agreement with Disney.
Starts selling baby wear.
1988 Establishes a Hong Kong based affliliate "Takihyo Hong Kong Co., Ltd.".
1989 Signs a distribution agreement with Donna Karan Company of the US and begins sales to famous department stores in Japan.
1991 Celebrates 240th year in business, institutes the corporate philosophy of "Our goal is a spiritually nourished society by creating an interesting company with great dreams.".
1994 Ninth generation Shigeo Taki.
Is listed on the Nagoya Stock Exchange Second Section.
1995 Starts IR activities, sets up website.
1996 Incorporates a stockholder special benefit plan, starts an open recruitment system for overseas training.
2000 Textile division starts OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) production overseas.
2001 Celebrates 250th year in business, is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Second Section.
2005 Is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange First Section and Nagoya Stock Exchange First Section.
2007 Eliminates retirement benefits for officers, starts stock option system and defined contribution pension system.
2008 Moves headquarters to Nagoya Lucent Tower (Nishi-ku, Nagoya).
Establishes China based affiliate "Takihyo Shanghai Trading Co., Ltd.".
2009 Consolidates the Tokyo branch division in the corporately owned TH Ginza Building
2010 Establishes a distribution center "Takihyo Operation Plaza Co., Ltd. Inuyama Center #1" and improves distribution efficiency.
Establishes Korea based affiliate "Takihyo Korea Co., Ltd.".
Establishes "New York" branch office.
2011 Tenth Generation Kazuo Taki.
Celebrates 260th year in business, aims to expand business with the slogan "Global Challenge – Innovation and Advancement – ".
Establishes "Milan" branch office.
2012 Establishes "Takihyo Operation Plaza Co., Ltd. Inuyama Center #2".
Starts the "Komeda Coffee Shop" business franchise.
Starts sales of the golf wear brand "ZOY".
2013 Establishes "Ho Chi Min Representative Office", promoting globalization of production sites.
Starts lease of property located in Sakae 3-chome, Naka-ku, Nagoya to Parco Co., Ltd.’s "Nagoya Zero Gate".
2014 Osaka branch office moves to Kita Kyuhojimachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka.
Establishes the "Ichinomiya Factory" as the stronghold for domestic production.
Newly establishes the "Sportswear Division".
2015 Establishes "Dalian Quality Control Center" for quality improvement.
Installation of Ladies' Wear Groups, expanding sales shares.
Makes first presentation at the "Premiere Vision Fabric".
2016 Starts sales of the Italian bag and watch brand "JU’STO".
2017 Installs a new core computer system.
Tokyo branch office moves to Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.
2018 Opens the boutique "Melangetop".
2019 Newly establishes the "Sustainable team".
2020 Starts sales of the golf wear brand "WAAC" and "G/FORE".
Osaka branch office moves to Kyutaromachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka.
Absorbs T.L.C. Co., Ltd. and establishes "the Material Dept.".
2021 Celebrates 270th year in business.
Starts sales of the Italian cosmetics brand "L’ERBOLARIO".
2022 Formulated the "Takihyo Group Sustainability Basic Policy".
Tokyo branch office moves to Kandaizumi-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
2023 Formulated the "Revitalize Plan"