Privacy Policy

Regarding the handling of personal information of customers, business clients, shareholders and employees, Takihyo Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called "Takihyo") shall strictly observe the laws relating to the protection of personal information and fully recognize their importance, shall define its private policy as follows, and shall promote the maintenance of a structure protecting personal information throughout the company.

  1. Personal information is information that allows identification of a certain individual (Name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. This does not include the government assigned identification number)
  2. Takihyo shall organize a safety control system for the protection of personal information, shall indicate a clear policy on the handling of personal information to all of its executive officers and employees, and shall make every effort to prevent unlawful access to, loss, vandalization, falsification and divulgation of personal information and to promote its security.
  3. Takihyo shall notify and disclose its purpose of utilizing all personal information in full compliance with all laws relating to the protection of personal information and shall obtain such personal information through appropriate channels. Acquired personal information shall be mainly utilized for the reasons listed below.
    • (1)Confirmation of customer orders and payment methods, communication regarding customer purchases, shipment of products and notices in regards to mail order sales (including mail order sales on the website)
    • (2)Marketing research and analysis, application for sales promotion in order to develop new products and services based on our customer purchases.
    • (3)Offering of requested documents and information within the range that Takihyo presently allows disclosure and provision.
    • (4)Recruitment activities for contests, prizes and other events, contacting applicants, provision of documents and services and shipment of prizes.
    • (5)Corresponding to customers' various inquiries.
    • (6)Notices regarding our company's products and services, amendments to the rules, notices of exhibitions and requests to fill out questionnaires through e-mail or direct mail.
  4. Takihyo shall appropriately handle its acquired personal information within the range of purpose of use. Takihyo will not provide or disclose any personal information to a third party or use such information for any other purpose than previously notified or disclosed, without the agreement of said person.
  5. In the case said person requests the disclosure, amendment, suspension of use or deletion of retained personal information, Takihyo shall take appropriate measures within reason.
  6. Takihyo shall check and review the above subjects from time to time, to continuously improve the handling of personal information. Especially important amendments will be notified on the Takihyo website.

If you should have any inquiries pertaining to personal information, we will be accepting e-mails. Please be informed that we will not take any telephone calls regarding this matter.

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Privacy Policy