IR Policy

The aim and basic policy of IR activities

Our company conducts IR activities in order to provide timely and appropriate information to our shareholders and investors. Our basic policy is to provide information on the company's management policy and business strategy, business results and finances in a comprehensible, fair and accurate manner.

Basic position on the disclosure of information

Our company discloses timely and appropriate information in accordance with the legal disclosure system based on the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and the timely-disclosure system based on the regulations for listed marketable securities on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. With regard to the methods of disclosure, in addition to disclosing via the TDnet (Timely Disclosure Network System) provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, we also promptly make announcements to the media. We promptly post on this website information that we have made public via TDnet, etc.

Prediction of business results and forecasts of the future

There may be times when our disclosures of business results include predictions of future business results. These results are calculated on the basis of the available information at the time of disclosure, and as the information may vary from our company's actual business results as a result of subsequent changes in the economic climate and market environment, Takihyo does not guarantee the content.

Regarding quiet periods

In order to prevent leaks of financial accounts information and to ensure fairness for our shareholders and investors, our company will set aside a quiet period from the end each quarterly financial term (February, May, August, November) to each quarterly financial announcement day, during which time we will refrain from answering any questions or accepting any requests for interviews regarding financial accounts.

Regarding investment decisions

The purpose of the information posted on this website is for users to be able to understand our financial and management information, and is not to solicit investors. We therefore ask that users make investments on the basis of their own judgment and on their own responsibility.

Investor Relations