Management Philosophy

(Insert Japanese)Nothing stands before trust.Prosperity lies in modesty.Customer before thyself.

Everything starts with "trust". However, it does not come easily. Be humble at all times and be willing to accept the opinions of others. Further advancement will be achieved by placing oneself in their shoes and contributing to their profits.

Corporate Identity

"Our goal is to achieve a spiritually nourished society
by creating an interesting company with great dreams."

Undying devotion. A challenging spirit passed on from generation to generation. Stretching the diverse talents of each individual enables the capacity to satisfy the different needs of customers. The challenging spirit in Takihyo’s DNA empowers us even more so within these rapidly changing times. We will continue to take on challenges needed to master both the Japanese and global markets while not limiting ourselves to just apparel and textiles.


"Global Challenge – Innovative Changes and Advancement"

Established as the new company policy to mark our 260th anniversary. We will review our existing domestic market and take on the challenge to offer products suitable for a wider global market including Asia, Europe and the United States. In addition, we will strengthen our ties with our steady clients in Japan, working on new ideas and products focused on material, function and design while expanding new sales channels such as mail order and shopping retail building apparel.

Corporate Symbol

Corporate Symbol

The Corporate Symbol (Kinyo) was designed in 1967 by the internationally famous designer, Yusaku Kamekura, portraying a wide ring encompassing the sun’s strong rays.

Performance Guideline

We have established a new "Takihyo Group Performance Guideline" based on our "Management Philosophy".

  • Personnel & Board Member’s/Manager’s mission

    The biggest mission of our board members and managers is the education of the employees, our most important asset.

  • Our company’s growth through co-existence and co-prosperity with our clients.

    We will cooperate in good faith with our suppliers and clients for a mutually beneficial relationship.

  • Careful work as a professional

    As a professional in the fashion industry, we will undertake all planning, production, sales, quality control and distribution with the utmost care.

  • Our company’s continuous development within perpetual change.

    We will not fear change, but will welcome the challenge. We will act with the knowledge that our evolution will lead to the continuous growth of our employees and business performance as well as an increase in profits for our shareholders.

  • Implementation of our global challenge

    We will take down the walls between each department and division and make every effort to expand our lifestyle business while keeping an eye on other industries and the global market.

  • Our growth with an eye on the future

    We will not be caught up in immediate goals but will strive for self-improvement by constantly finding challenges and taking action leading to the future and the next generation.