TAKIHYO's Strengths (Takihyo seen through its figures)

Takihyo's long history and present situation indicated by figures.

The longest running listed companies in Japan

273 YEARS→17th out of 3602 companies [as of October 2, 2015]

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Rank Company Yr Est. Yr Reg. Yr Listed
1 Matsui Construction Co., Ltd. 1586 1939 1961
2 Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd. 1590 1950 1950
3 Yomeishu Seizo Co., Ltd. 1602 1923 1955
4 Maruei Department Store Co., Ltd. 1615 1943 1949
5 Ozu Corporation 1653 1939 1996
6 Ohki Healthcare Holdings Co., Ltd. 1658 1912 1979
7 Mammy Mart Corporation 1665 1950 1991
8 Yuasa Trading Co., Ltd. 1666 1919 1919
9 Okaya & Co., Ltd. 1669 1937 1995
10 Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. 1673 1941 1949
11 Mitsukoshi Isetan Holdings Co., Ltd. 1673 2008 2008
12 Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation 1678 1933 1949
13 Sumitomo Forestry Co., Ltd. 1691 1948 1970
14 Yamadai Co., Ltd. 1716 1964 1995
15 Ono Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 1717 1947 1962
16 Asahi Eito Co., Ltd. 1735 1950 1966
17 Takihyo Co., Ltd. 1751 1912 1994
18 Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited 1781 1925 1949
19 Shimizu Corporation 1804 1937 1961
19 Techno Associe Co., Ltd. 1804 1946 1988

(Reference: Riskmonster.com "The first research of the longest running company rankings 2013")

Net sales by product

Net sales by product FY02/2022

[as of February, 2024]

We introduce Takihyo’s wide spectrum of businesses for a rich life.

Takihyo's Extensive Business Domain

Takihyo is involved in various businesses in all aspects of life. We will not only continue to create apparel but will take on new businesses in the future.

Takihyo's business scope for a rich life

  • Apparel Business
  • Real Business
  • Real Estate Business
  • Lifestyle Related Business
  • Textile Business

From planning and design to manufacturing and distribution, we deliver products under one framework.

The Strengths of One Framework

Takihyo is equipped with a framework that performs planning and design to production and distribution. We quickly materialize items from gathered trend and best-seller information. By offering high quality items at low cost to our customers, we aim to increase customer satisfaction.

The Strengths of One Framework

ODM stands for Original Design Manufacturing and means to design and manufacture products as specified and eventually rebranded by another firm for sale.

The 3 Basic Pillars of a Single Framework

1. Market research, Planning & Design

Our diverse information network and designs

We gather trend information that changes from day to day and come up with several ideas that we propose to our customers at our exhibitions held over 150 times a year.

Our diverse information network and designs

2. Production

Production System capable of producing a wide range of items at a low cost

We cultivate production sites not only in China but in the ASEAN countries, aiming to decrease production costs by working with over 200 cooperating factories, in order to create a production structure that responds to our customers’ needs.

Production System capable of producing a wide range of items at a low cost

3. Quality Control/Distribution

A distribution structure for a speedy and effective delivery

With the establishment of our Dalian Quality Control Center, the quality standards have improved while at our distribution center, over 50 million pieces of clothing are delivered to each store, building a large foundation for receiving more orders.

A distribution structure for a speedy and effective delivery