Starting Sales of Antibacterial/Antivirus Long-Sleeved Kid's Parka & Ladies' Cardigan that Prevents Direct
Contact Specialized Design for the New Normal Lifestyle Allowing Worry-Free Outings

November 5, 2020

As its 2nd crowdfunding project, Takihyo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nishi-ku, Nagoya Representative Director & President: Kazuo Taki) has started from November 5, 2020 to solicit funds for its antibacterial/antivirus kid's parka and ladies' cardigan perfect for the new normal lifestyle on the crowdfunding site "CAMPFIRE" operated by CAMPFIRE Inc, (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Representative Director: Kazuma Ieiri).

Antibacterial/antivirus kid's parka & ladies' cardigan project page


■Project Outline
A proposal born from an employee's wish for "a comfortable life full of laughter for those important to you"
The mastermind of this project is an employee in our Baby/Kids Division who is also a father of two. Unable to lead the same life as before with the lingering "Stay Home" mood, and with an anxious family, this project started from a wish to "create clean and safe products for a comfortable life in this "with-corona" new normal generation.

■Features of the antibacterial/antivirus kid's parka & ladies cardigan
①Long-lasting antibacterial/antivirus「CLEANSEⓇ」material
Using material treated with the antibacterial/antivirus 「CLEANSEⓇ」technique of Kurabo Industries Ltd. Its effect lasts even after 50 washes assuring cleanliness for a long time.

②Specialized design for the4 new normal
Kid's parka: With longish sleeves and a hood that stands up around the face, the design covers the hands and mouth. Perfect for kids who directly touch everything and kids who tend to lose or forget their facial masks.

Ladies cardigan: Like the parka, the design features longish sleeves that cover the hands. Enables a grip on handrails, door knobs and hanging straps on trains without direct contact to skin. The long length that can be worn for both on and off occasions is not too casual and has deep side slits for easy mobility.

20201105_2.jpg 20201105_3.jpg
③High quality made in Japan
Manufactured in our subsidiary company, T.F.C. Co., Ltd. Hokuriku Factory (Oyabe City, Toyama Prefecture). From samples to finished product, made in our factory that also produces merchandise for major apparel brands sold in department stores and medical gowns, thorough and numerous checks are performed for the highest quality made in Japan.

■Products/Prices (tax excluded)
Kid's parka(100、110、120、130cm) 6,900JPY
Ladies' cardigan(Free Size) 7,900JPY
3 colorways of White, Grey and Navy
※Early bird discounts and set discounts available

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