Introducing "ZAC MUSEO", EC of Imported Ladies' Goods From BtoB to BtoC due to favorable response to apparel goods

September 30, 2020

Takihyo Co., Ltd. has started the EC site "ZAC MUSEO" of ladies' imported goods from the end of September 2020. The site's main feature is the bag brand "NOVIA", jointly developed with AGATA HANDBAGS SRL which started in FW 2019.

ZAC MUSEA Official online store


・Profile of the complex imported goods EC "ZAC MUSEO"
1) History and Purpose: From BtoB to BtoC due to expanding need for apparel fashion goods.
Upon reviewing our wholesale sales to department store apparel and fashion building brands, our imported goods have approximately doubled in sales within these few years. With the present COVID-19 situation, the number of EC users have grown, giving us the opportunity to start EC sales, from BtoB to BtoC, using our own network to procure goods from our Milan and HK offices working in tandem with our domestic planning and sales teams. We aim to establish another source of income by expanding sales directly to customers in addition to our usual wholesale sales to businesses.
2) Shop Concept: An EC like a museum for adult women
The name comes from "ZAC", a pun of "ZACCA" that means goods in Japanese and "MUSEO" is museum in Italian. This season we are featuring the bag brand "NOVIA" that offers simple designs of high quality for a wide age range of women. Other factory brands of scarves and stoles and other items will be gradually added from next Spring, making this EC site a complex store offering conservative yet trend-conscious items generally priced from 20,000JPY to 30,000JPY.

・NOVIA Brand Concept
"NOVIA" was born in Abruzzo located in Southern Italy bordering the Adriatic Sea.

Simple designs that emphasize high quality
For the cheerful and carefree woman
Utilizing technique and invention for a lightweight feeling

In addition to meaning "new" expressing a fresh start or new frontier,
it also means fiancée or bride in Spanish.
Perfect as a gift to yourself or someone special.

Hoping that a woman with a NOVIA bag will look as if she is walking with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

・NOVIA Features
These genuine leather bags made in Italy are lightweight due to the skiving technique of the leather craftsmen. While planned in Italy, the simple and easy-to-use designs are adjusted to the Japanese market. It is sold in other Asian markets such as China and Korea unde the global brand name "AGATA NOVIA".

・Products & Prices (tax excluded)
Ladies' bag 23,800JPY - 37,800JPY

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