Notice of starting EC sales of "lecur" seamless facial masks made in Japan
A portion of profits shall be donated to the nonprofit japan nursing association

May 21, 2020


Takihyo Co., Ltd. will commence EC sales of "lecur", an original brand of seamless facial masks made in Japan from May 2020.
With the continuing spread of the new coronavirus infection at this present time, in order to support the steady supply of facial masks, we have decided to sell washable and re-usable masks. To show our appreciation and respect to those working daily in the medical field, we will donate a portion of the profits to the nonprofit Japan Nursing Association.

・Features of the lecur mask
With the use of Japan's technique in seamless products, the mask has superior adhesion to the skin and applies evenly distributed pressure, relieving a feeling of suffocation and preventing behind-the ear pain as with the usual elastic strings.
The nylon/polyurethane material made in Japan has excellent elasticity and feels cool upon contact, making it suitable for the summer. Washing in a laundry net enables about 50 uses.

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・Product/Price(tax excluded)
lecur facial mask 700JPY

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