Starting "ELLE SPORT" "ELLE kids" Sports Apparel Sales

December 6, 2016

Takihyo Co.,Ltd. has signed a domestic License Agreement with LAGARDERE ACTIVE ENTERPRISES (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo Senior Vice President: Laurent Pat) to sell ladies', men's and kid's sports apparel for "ELLE SPORT" as well as kid's sports apparel products for "ELLE kids". We will start selling ladies' products from March 5, 2017 and kid's products from March 30, 2017 at mass retailers (specialty stores) throughout Japan.

"ELLE SPORT" is a lifestyle brand born from the famous French fashion magazine "ELLE" first published in 1945 and delivering stylish and sophisticated sportswear. We will propose sportswear to all those of the present generation who enjoy sports as a hobby.


・ Product Line/Suggested Retail Price (without tax)
Ladies' products (sportswear, swimwear, rash guard, etc.) 1,900 - 7,800 JPY
Kid's products (sportswear, sweats, etc.) 1,000 - 2,300 JPY

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