Starting Sales of "Barbie" baby and kid's apparel

March 17, 2016


Takihyo Co., Ltd. has signed a License Agreement with Mattel, Inc. (USA) for "Barbie" in Japan and will start sales of baby and kid's apparel at mass retailers (specialty stores) nationwide from the end of the month.

Ever since "Barbie" debuted in America as the world's first fashion doll in 1959, she has been idolized by girls. We will offer baby, kid's, accessories as well as casual items and dresses. In particular, baby products will be the first in the world. We will start full-scale business of the world of "Barbie" using the iconic logo and silhouette and the high heel motif.

Kid's apparel / Suggested Retail Price
T-shirt 1,000 - 1,900 JPY
Dress 1,900 - 2,900 JPY
Bottom 1,500 - 2,900 JPY
Baby apparel / Suggested Retail Price
Rompers 1,900 - 2,900 JPY
Dress 1,900 - 2,900 JPY
Formal Dress 3,900 - 4,500 JPY


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