Special Workshop to Support Employment for Orphans

September 7, 2016

On September 3, 2016, Takihyo Co. Ltd. held a special workshop to assist children from orphanages find employment. This activity is part of the "Happiness" project stemming from Takihyo's philosophy of "making people happy through fashion".

The company has been involved in activities such as donating clothes to orphans since 2007. This time this workshop was held to accommodate a strong request from the faculty members to perform practice interviews that would help the children during employment exams.

16 middle and high school children attended. After a lecture given by the company's recruitment staff, a mock interview was held with each child. The children seemed tense during the exercise but stated that "they were able to experience a real-life interview which allowed them to discover their strengths and weaknesses".

The recruitment staff stated his hope that this experience would enable each child to take on job hunting with confidence.

*Happiness is a project aiming to create a spiritually nourished society through activities such as donations of children's wear, employment assistance and reconstruction support of disaster-stricken areas.


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