Awarded 2014 Japan Federation of Economic Organizations' Recommended Company Publication

March 13, 2015

Takihyo Group's video "Takihyo Report 2014" received honorable mention for the video division at the 2014 "Japan Federation of Economic Organizations' Recommended Company Publication".

"Takihyo Report" is created once a year, looking back on the year and leading to the following year. The video is planned and created to comprehensively show our manager's message, internal activities and the group's missions.

"Takihyo Report" was highly evaluated based on how it covered the issues raised by the changes in the environment, how the company should react to such changes and how it made the employees think about what they could do. "Very fashionable from being a textile trading company", "The dynamism of the company's work comes across" were some of the comments received.

"Japan Federation of Economic Organizations' Recommended Company Publication" Recommendation/Awards System

This award was founded in 1966 in order to improve the level of company publications by appraising and encouraging the efforts of the editor along with promoting company publication activities that truly benefit the operation.
In addition to being reviewed based on whether the publication is actually functioning as an important tool for operational activities, experts and specialists familiar with the policy, contents, text, depiction and layout of company publications, rate and select the outstanding creations.

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